Los Angeles Taxi Services

While visiting Los Angeles we at Taxigrab have you covered. Whatever the reason your traveling, or need to get somewhere via cab we have the taxi companies, and expertise to help get you there. Los Angeles with a population of over three and a half million people is always alive and racing around. You can catch a cab to get to your next important business meeting, or just to visit one of its many beautiful attractions. With so many people and places in Los Angeles you are sure to find what you are looking for, and you now know that Taxigrab.com can help you get there. So make a reservation for any destination in Los Angeles, and the taxi of your choice will pick you up in some of the most fuel efficient taxi's in the country. The cabbies in Los Angeles are some of the best in the world, and can help you get where you need to go even if your not positive about the location yourself. Many cabs in the Los Angeles area are GPS enabled, and can help you find your way. Los Angeles is also the gateway to many clubs, and bars, and Taxigrab.com can help you stay within the law by being responsible and reserving a cab before drinking and driving. As always we wish for every ride to be safe and timely.

Los Angeles local neighborhoods

We serve all of the various local neighborhoods as well as the suburban area, and outer Los Angeles perimeter. We service all of the following neighborhoods including Downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westside, Santa Monica, Bay Cities, San Fernando Valley, South Central, Compton, Long Beach, South Bay, Orange County, Pasadena, Points East, as well as Ingle wood and the LAX area. Click for Los Angeles taxi zip codes.

Local taxi companies

This is a list of local cab companies in the areas within and surrounding Los Angeles:

Los Angeles Airports

The Los Angeles airport is one of the largest in the world, and is covered by Taxigrab.com. Taxigrab covers the Los Angeles Intl airport which is located directly within Los Angeles, as well as the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena airport, and the lesser known Long Beach airport. You can reserve a cab to take you to the airport 24/7.

Los Angeles fare info

The general rules for taxi fares in Los Angeles are as follows:

You also will pay airport entrance fees if visiting the airport. The price to go from LAX to Downtown is usually about $38.00.

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