Memphis Taxi Services

Visiting Memphis? Well then you will be happy to learn that Taxigrab has services available. While in Memphis there are plenty of things to do, and to see, but don't forget to make taxi reservations for wherever you go. You wouldn't want to miss any destination just because you don't have a ride. So ensure your transportation needs with While making a reservation in Memphis you can choose from the taxi services that you would like to have you picked up, and we will be sure that you can grab it and get there. The taxi services of Memphis are proud to have some of the best drivers, and are sure to know all of the major places you will want to go. We proudly serve all of the major areas, and neighborhoods as well as some of the smaller suburbs that surround Memphis. We also provide services for the Memphis airport if you are flying into or out of the city. We hope that you enjoy your trip to Memphis, and that your cab ride will be safe, fast, and timely.

Memphis neighborhoods served

We at Taxigrab serve all of the local neighborhoods in the Memphis area, as well as the outer areas, and suburbs. We serve the following neighborhoods including Downtown, Midtown, The East, University Area, The North, Graceland, Germantown, and many outer areas. Click for memphis taxi zip codes.

Memphis cab companies

The following list are cab companies that serve the Memphis area:

Memphis airport

Taxigrab also has reservations available for the airport. The best way to make a reservation for the airport is to use our airport reservation tool. Taxigrab can help you whether you are flying into or out of Memphis.

Memphis taxi fares

The following is a general guideline for taxi fares in Memphis: $1.60 flag drop 1/8 mile, .20 mile thereafter, .50 extra passenger, $20.00 per hour waiting time. Other fees may apply including airport fees, and baggage fees.

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