San Antonio Taxi Services

Remember the alamo? The people of San Antonio sure do, and if your looking for a taxicab in San Antonio you have come to the right place. Taxigrab is proud to serve the city of San Antonio, and provide taxi reservations for both the travelers and local dwellers. If you are in San Antonio for business you will be glad to know that Taxigrab serves the downtown area, as well as all of the financial districts. If you are in San Antonio for leisure you can grab a cab right from the internet, and begin touring this fabulous city. From the alamo to the wonderful river walk cabs can take you to any destination you choose. Reserve a cab today, and watch as the taxi takes you from point A to point B faster then you ever dreamed. As always we wish for every cab ride you endeavor upon from to be safe, fun, and timely.

San Antonio neighborhoods

We at taxigrab service all of the major neighborhoods, and local ares of San Antonio including The River Walk, Downtown, Southtown, Alamo Heights, Monte Vista, Olmos Park, Northeast, Northwest, Far Northwest, and many other suburbs surrounding San Antonio. Click for San Antonio taxi zip codes.

San Antonio cab companies

The following is a brief list of taxi companies that serve San Antonio:

San Antonio airport

You can make a taxi reservation for the San Antonio airport, and use our airport reservation tool to make it simpler. Please note that you may have to pay airport entrance/exit fees when getting service both to and from any major airport.

San Antonio taxi fares

The following are general guidelines for taxi fares in San Antonio: All taxis charge $1.70 for the first one sixth of a mile and $1.80 for each mile thereafter (plus gas surcharge, if applicable). Wait time and traffic delay is $18/hour. You may also have to pay other charges such as airport fees, baggage handling fees, and pet fees may also be applicable.

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