Terms of Partnership

1. Terms of Partnership

Taxigrab.com provides a partnership with your company through the terms of partnership set forth, which may change at any time without notice. Taxigrab.com reserves the right to use other terms and conditions for other services that it might provide.

2. Description of Partnership

Taxigrab.com provides partners with clients found through advertising and other relationships. Taxigrab.com will send our partners, when selected by the customer, ride information so that the taxi company can provide service to the customer and collect revenue on the fare. The partner company will provide service to any reservation that it receives from Taxigrab.com or its affiliates. The partner may not refuse service to any customer forwarded to it from Taxigrab.com.

3. Warranty

Taxigrab.com provides its information to partner companies through electronic means such as fax and email. This information may not make it to the partner company due to computer mishaps and other problems. Taxigrab.com is in no way responsible for these mishaps and will not be held liable, as there is no warranty of service given to the partner company. The service provided to the partner company is "as is" and has absolutely no warranty.

4. Agreement

The partner will provide a ride to any customer forwarded to it from Taxigrab.com or affiliates, without the right to refuse. The partner will provide what is considered "good or better" service to any customer that it receives on the behalf of Taxigrab.com. The partner company agrees that it will pay a fee of $3.00 to Taxigrab.com for every customer sent from Taxigrab.com or its affiliates. This amount is subject to change for any reason whatsoever. The partner company will notify Taxigrab.com if the customer does not show up at the destination chosen by the customer for pick up. This notification can be delivered by email, phone, and fax but not by postal mail. Taxigrab.com is not responsible for any mishaps or confusion that the partner company may suffer due to the partnership or service. The partner agrees that errors in service or problems may result in penalties described in the penalties clause.

5. Penalties

If the partner is late and forces the customer to wait for service, the partner will pay double the regular fee to Taxigrab.com for the ride. If the partner fails to show up to pick up the customer the partner must pay a $25.00 no-show fee to Taxigrab.com and provide a free service to the customer whenever he or she wishes to take it. If the customer fails to take the free ride provided by the partner within 2 years, the partner is no longer obligated to provide the ride for free.

6. Jurisdiction

The partner agrees that no matter where the service has taken place or where the partner has used or visited Taxigrab.com or received communication from Taxigrab.com without regard to principles of conflict of laws; the laws and courts of Texas will settle any and all disputes subject to these terms.