Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions

Taxigrab.com provides service to you through the terms and conditions set forth, which may change at any time without notice. Taxigrab.com reserves the right to use other terms and conditions for other services that it might provide.

2. Description of Service

Taxigrab.com provides information regarding taxies and public transportation. Taxigrab.com also allows its users to send instant online reservations to taxi companies in order to receive taxi service in their desired area.

3. Privacy Policy

Taxigrab.com will abide by its privacy policy stated on its website at www.taxigrab.com/privacy.html

4. Warranty

The Taxigrab.com services are provided "as is" and without any form of warranty. If the customer is not picked up at the desired time of service, he or she acknowledges that Taxigrab.com is not at fault. The customer agrees that any and all other claims are thrown out by this non-warranty.

5. Agreement

The customer agrees that Taxigrab.com is not responsible for any mishaps due to failure of communication between Taxigrab.com and its partners. Taxigrab.com is not responsible for providing the customer with a ride or transportation of any sort. Once the customer has sent a reservation through Taxigrab.com, our partners are under contract to provide the customer with service if they receive the communication. If the partner does not receive the communication from Taxigrab.com, they are not obligated to pick the customer up. The customer agrees to be at the location specified to Taxigrab.com at the time specified or he or she might incur penalties as stated in the penalties clause. Taxigrab.com is not responsible for any actions or responsibilities taken by the driver, cab company, or partner sent to the customer through the site. Should anything be wrong with the service, the customer agrees to handle it with the specific company that he or she took service from and not Taxigrab.com. Taxigrab.com reserves the right to deny service to anyone for any reason.

6. Penalties

If the customer deceives Taxigrab.com by creating a false taxi reservation, Taxigrab.com reserves the right to charge the customer up to three times the actual amount of the proposed taxi ride. The customer will also be penalized for not being at the location specified for pick up on the reservation submitted by the customer. This penalty will be up to Taxigrab.com or one of its partners at the time of or after the service has been completed.

7. Jurisdiction

The customer agrees that no matter where the service has taken place or where the customer has used or visited Taxigrab.com without regard to principles of conflict of laws; the laws and courts of Texas will settle any and all disputes subject to these terms.